Timothy Pellets

Ingredients: Timothy Hay
Recommended Feeding Instructions: Timothy Pellets can be used as a forage replacer or as a supplement to long-stemmed hay. Pelleted hay may be top dressed with oil to increase the fat content of the diet. Pelleted hay is very useful as a medium for introduction of medications, vitamins, or supplements. Can easily be made into mash with addition of warm water for seniors or those with dentition or chewing problems. Due to the fact that we do not use binders in our pelleting process, even seniors and those with poor dentition can eat the Mid Valley Milling pellets dry.

Feed by weight, not volume. Feed 1% to 2% of body weight. Individual horse needs will vary. Owners usually find they can feed fewer pounds of pelleted hay than they would if feeding baled hay, typically two-thirds to three-quarters of the amount of baled hay, making pelleted feed very cost effective. Another benefit is there is very little, if any, waste when feeding pelleted hay. As with any pelleted product, if your horse eats too rapidly or is prone to choke, moisten the pellets first or spread in a thin layer in the bottom of a large pan.

This pelleted feed may be taken into U.S. National Forest Lands, as it complies with the exemption ruling under 36 CFR 261.50 (e) para. 3, in the U.S. Forest Service Internet Service Manual. This pelleted feed is exempt from Cereal Leaf Beetle restrictions.

Timothy Pellets
Scientific Analysis
Crude Protein, Min 10.0 %
Crude Fiber 30.5
ADF Min 35.2
NDF Min 59.5
Calculated TDN 63.1
Relative Feed Value............96.1%
Calcium Min 0.69%
Phosphorus Min 0.32
Potassium Min 2.28
Magnesium Min 0.15