Packer Pellets

Ingredients: Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, Corn, Oats
Recommended Feeding Instructions: Packer Pellets can be fed alone or in combination with long-stemmed hay or pelleted hay and is a great feed for camping or packing. Always have an ample water supply available.

The 5/8" version of this product is manufactured in 5 pallet groupings by special order only, however this product is available in the 1/4" standard size pellet by the single pallet at all times.

This pelleted feed may be taken into U.S. National Forest Lands, as it complies with the exemption ruling under 36 CFR 261.50 (e) para. 3, in the U.S. Forest Service Internet Service Manual. This pelleted feed is exempt from Cereal Leaf Beetle restrictions.

Packer Pellets
50# Net Weight

Scientific Analysis
Crude Protein, Min 11.7%
Crude Fiber 27.9
ADF Min 34.8
NDF Min 51.9
Calculated TDN 62.8
Fat 2.5
Relative Feed Value.......110.7%
Phosphorus Min 0.31%
Calcium Min 0.81
Potassium Min 2.10
Magnesium Min 0.19